To Brexit or not to Brexit that is Brexshit! – My Site

Well here we are the first day of Mr Boris lying dead in a ditch, as we left the UK left the EU yesterday, no ifs no buts.

It doesn’t feel any different. The sun rose this morning, as it did yesterday, the sea is still there swaying gently back and forth. Our water baby is still enjoying swimming and chasing cats.

On the 13th of June 2016 the British people voted in the majority to leave the EU. Fact!

The campaign was based on fact. Not at all!

Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. England and Wales voted to leave. Fact!

The results were directly propotional to the age of the voter. Fact!

So what is important?

This Brexit thing is not going to affect the old farts much, cos we all be dead like! But the youngsters, those what were draged up in the modern world like, dey are de future man. Dey more worried weder dare phone work cheapuh at de concerts abroad, init? Dey erd iit dat Britaain were once great, but iit ain’t no more see. An dis Gibraltaar fing wats dat all about man? Why we gok bits uh land not attached to Britaain wot is Brittish? It daft init mate?

Like it or not it is dem, sorry them, who will live through the simple majority vote to leave the EU. But I say life is not simple!