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I am talking about the men’s rugby world cup the game that unites the world rather than throws racist abuse as its older version deems to do. What a result in the final! I think it can be summed up with the Cape Town air traffic controllers giving the night’s BA flight to London the following:

Good evening Speedbird heavy this is Bok in control you are assigned the squark number 1232!

The only two things I do not understand or like are: why did the ITV coverage show what appeared to be two SA dressing room celebrations, one black one, one white one. as the song goes! Secondly what was the EFF tweet all about?

The last time SA won the world cup it did so much to help Madiba’s vision of a rainbow nation, and so it should this time, but then times change and for the vast majority of SA citizens there has been no change and will be no change.

Wonderful result!