The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain! – My Site

Oh no it doesn’t! Il pleut comme vache qui pisse all the way from Bellerby, under La Manche, OK so it didn’t, strictly speaking, rain in the tunnel, but it did rain all the way through France and then through to Puntas de Calnegre.

The only respite was on the day we crossed from France to Spain, and so out came the sun and the revolting Catalans. They were doing the revolting, not that they themselves were revolting but then I suppose that might depend on your politics and point of view. Any which way round we spent 5 hours to navigate through a blockage of lorries, poids lordes, camiones or trucks up over and back again.

All this time our little Nica was as good as gold, A few squeaks from her on board apartment as we neared destinations, but other than that what a fabulous girl she has been. Of all the beds she slept on on the way down the first in the middle of a wood was her favourite.