The Principality of Hash-It – My Site

Hash-It is a strange place of small size, inhabited by a few hundred peopleoids, some great, some normal, some unnatural, some downright vile and even dangerous. Most of the peopleoids go about their daily lives untroubled by what goes on around them in the dungeons of power.

Those who began to notice that all was not well, were human incomers to Hash-IT, with experience outside the Principality. They noticed that the Chapter and expecially the Prince, were true only to The Book of the Anti Vila Achemic whose mantra is “The means are more important than the end”. What they first noticed and found strange was the absence of good interspeak between the Chapter and those of the Principality. Then they found that out that the Chapter included VEB a strange dictatorial beast who thought to control the inter and exter speak of the Principality in order to overcome insecurity. They came to know DB the controller of secrets, who was handsomely rewarded for doing..well not a lot. Both VEB and DB are are actually mensogema intrigantos in shining armour, the best you can ever meet. Three others of the Chapter are Ayers, all called confusingly NS and due to this are able to be both harmless and dangerous at the same time. Their main role is to support Prince DM. The human Hashiters soon saw that Prince DM was an egotistical megalo-maniac, so full of it and the properganda from VEB and DB that he even believed he succeeds in doing great deeds.

Despite much cogolerating the incomers found that their voices fell on stony ground and that great spondolics were being used to fund dreams of palaces and skyways whilst the peopleoids battled under great hardship. Eventually enough was enough and the humanoid incomers decided to do what they could to advance progress on building Hoankar.